Yoga Burn System by Zoe Bray Review – ‘Her Yoga Secrets’ Scam?

Her Yoga Secrets, Also known as Yoga Burn, is a set of materials by a woman named Zoe Bray Cotton. The aim of these materials is to teach women how to lose weight by practicing yoga without the need for harmful weight loss drugs. It also discusses and demonstrates other uses for yoga that are not related to losing weight, such as alleviating stress, toning muscles and enhancing overall mental health. Her Yoga Secrets can be purchased as a digital download or shipped as a print book. In addition to the written text, the author includes bonus audio and video to enhance your success as you follow along with the Yoga Burn System.

 Zoe Bray Cotton — The Yoga Burn System Book Author

Zoe Bray Cotton claims to be both a yoga instructor and personal trainer. After being in the industry for a number of years, Zoe claims to have become one of the most leading experts in female body transformation. Recently she released her Yoga Burn System which is putting her name in the forefront of the women’s health industry with all that it uniquely has to offer.


The Yoga Burn system is not just an educational book, but a series of lessons. Designed to be a twelve week program, Zoe Bray Cotton walks you through the steps of losing weight with yoga, and provides tips for other healthy ways to reduce fat. She also goes into detail about the pitfalls people often slip into as avid yoga users so as to prevent you from doing the same. Lastly, she teaches you about techniques to improve your mental health with continued implementation of yoga in your life. Special Features:

• Learn how to lose weight and trim fat by practicing yoga.
• Learn about the other ways yoga could benefit you.
• Receive tips on more ways to lose weight without medical intervention.
• Read about the three most common mistakes women make when practicing yoga, so you don’t make those mistakes yourself.
• Enjoy audio of all Yoga Burn lessons wherever you go at any time.
• Watch an included video which instructs you on ways of transforming your mental health through yoga practices.

Pros of Yoga Burn review System

  • Unlike typical yoga classes which cost a large amount of money each session, the Yoga Burn program can be obtained for one low price.
  • With this course, you have the ability to go at your own pace and revisit it whenever you need.
  • You also receive tips and information from Zoe that you probably won’t receive from a traditional yoga instructor or personal trainer.
  • No matter what your age, fitness level or yoga experience may be, this series of lessons is designed so that you go at your own pace and any achieved results are directly correlated with your own work.


Cons of Yoga Burn review System

Since this course is built upon your own motivation, you have to push yourself and strive for success in order to notice a change. There is no teacher physically there with you, so you are the driving force behind your achievements with Her Yoga Secrets. It is recommended that you have at least some small knowledge of yoga movements so as to take full advantage of the powerful techniques in the course. Even with that experience, you can’t let yourself be discouraged if little improvement is noted right away, as weight loss takes time. That being said however, as long as you have the ability to make and access purchases online, you can get started with Her Yoga Secrets.

We are not assured of the authenticity of the character of Zoe Bray Cotton as many a times marketers creates a fake virtual character as part of their marketing strategy.  However, as far the content of the product is concerned, it could be a scam since it is backed by 60 days money back guarantee.


There are a variety of options to choose from when buying this product. Her Yoga Secrets comes with the audio and video lessons regardless of what package you decide to buy. You can either choose to purchase the book as an instant download and get started reading immediately, or pay for shipping and have a paper version sent to you through the mail. If you can’t decide which option is right for you, you can always opt to receive both for the same price as buying one, with the added shipping cots being your only extra charge. If these choices are not enough, then you can receive two of each for a discounted cost so that you don’t actually have to pay the price for multiple copies.

Money Back Guarantee

Zoe Bray Cotton offers a money back guarantee for anyone who purchases the Her Yoga Secrets program. This money back guarantee lasts for up to sixty days from time of initial purchase. A sixty day guarantee allows you to try the product risk free for the slotted amount of time. If you decide you are unsatisfied with the program within said timeframe you can return all materials and receive your money back from Zoe Bray Cotton.

Is Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn System Scam or Legit?

Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn system, also known as Her Yoga Secrets is in no way a scam. In fact, it is an extensive instructional book full of extra features and information to get you on the right track. If you’re tired of all the weight loss products and diets that have failed, it might be worth looking at Her Yoga secrets. With twelve weeks of lessons you’ll learn how to use yoga to sculpt a more desirable body without going down the slippery slopes some yoga participants find themselves falling down. You will also see how you can be in a better state of mind just by enjoying yoga. As long as you are self motivated and determined to put your body or mind into a better state, you will have what it takes to fully appreciate Her Yoga Secrets.

Zoey Bray Cotton’s sixty day money back guarantee will enable you to enjoy her content either by physical print copy or digital download. Along with the written text you will receive audio and video to aid you in meeting your personal goals. If this sounds like something for you, then you can purchase her program while still being free from any risk. In the event that you are dissatisfied, you may return the purchase and receive a full refund as long as you do so within sixty days of the date you bought Her Yoga Secrets.


Zoe Bray Cotton has something exciting to offer for those who are keen on keeping good health and having the highest levels of physical and mental fitness. There is no doubt that for centuries yoga has been considered to be a proven and time-tested method of exercising. What makes Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn System is the fact that she has researched, discovered, tested and then implemented improvements to the traditional yoga exercises. Yoga Burn System is targeted towards burning extra fat from the body without diluting the basics of yoga which have been there for many years. It is a simple but effective way to get rid of excess fat from the body.

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