Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Review- The ultimate solution to strength & vitality


A topic of today’s post will be a program that specializes in strengthening the hips of a human body. This program is presented as a solution to a problem of having a lack of strength and energy when playing sports, either as an amateur or professional player.

Most people do not realize that hip flexor muscle group is one of the core muscle groups in a human body. They are responsible for 80% of our daily movements.

Even the most professional players in basketball sometimes undermine the importance of strengthening these muscles which affect the overall stats of a player.

One of the main selling points of this program as well is raising awareness about hip injuries and how tough they heal and that is why the program to unlock your hip flexors is something you should look out. This unlock your hip flexors review will help you see and decide whether you need it or not.

Let’s talk more about the author of this program.

About Mike Westerdal- The author of the program

Mike claims to be a national fitness expert with years of experience in educating people through his websites and personal training. He also says that he is an Iron magazine contributor and that he knows how to reveal the power of hip flexors muscle group. Mike’s main goal with creating this program is to help people unlock the true power of these muscles and to raise the awareness and importance of these exercises.

He believes that many physicians and personal trainers often time forget how important is to exercise this muscle group and how life-changing it can be if we decide to implement them.

Is this program that good and what’s in it for you?

Today’s modern society dictates our daily habits and making us spend a lot of time sitting at the desk at the position that is neither natural nor healthy. Many people believe that this doesn’t leave any effect on them because the effects of this are not easily noticeable.

Most people even do not recognize the symptoms when they occur, and even if they do, they surely do not consider that an easy solution might be right in front of their noses.

What is strange when it comes to having tight hip flexors is the fact that this problem affects other muscles in your body. You may not realize that but having problems with lower back, circulation and feeling pain while walking are something that might be produced by tight hip flexors.

It is true that hip flexors are one of the key muscles in human body. They need to be properly stretched and exercised, in order to achieve better performance and have pain-free lifestyle.

Mike’s program, in general, covers a lot of ground and it helps you with:

  • Increasing strength and performance with a variety of different exercises that involve hips.
  • Energizing your body by eliminating the source of the pain.
  • Rapidly decreasingthe percentage of body fat.
  • Realizing how aware you need to be of these muscles and their involvement in day-to-day activities.
  • Eliminating all sources of pain and troubles that are in correlation with this muscle group such as nagging joint pain in your legs, back and hips, walking with discomfort, bad posture and even troubles falling asleep.

Like any other program on the internet, Mike’s has a lot of pros and cons as well. Let’s see some of those too.


  • It is greatly covered and fully explained. Mike’s course is 63-pages long, and most of the things he recommends are supported with facts that can also be confirmed by any medical professional.
  • The program is really cheap.
  • It includes a variety of exercises- dynamic & static stretches, muscle activation movements, core exercises and much more as well.
  • It is created by a person who is a certified professional and who offers money back if you are not satisfied.
  • The program is easy to follow, simple and it can be used by everyone.


  • Some of Mike’s selling points are overly exaggerated which makes him and his program seem shady at moments.
  • There are some claims that can’t be supported with facts and are in general stupid when used as a sales tactics.

Conclusion- Is unlock your hip flexors scam?

This program is not a scam. It is quite cheap, and it is worth the money because the author showed useful exercises that actually eliminate the pain and he did a great job explaining how and why you should use it. Some of his sales tactics look a little bit dumb because they are not supported with any scientific evidence, but that doesn’t devalue the usefulness of these exercises.