Types Of General Dentist Services

There are a lot of dentists around ready and available to service anyone’s dental needs and requirements. General dentists, unlike specialists, do not focus in specialising just one facet of dental practice, they provide wide range of services vital to continuous health of their patients.

Types Of General Dentist Services

Generally, there are four general dentist services they offer, preventive, restorative, cosmetic procedures and overall health issues. To give you specific information of each of the types, read on the below:

  • Preventive Services

This service is to help patients maintain their best oral health condition by not letting disease hit the mouth. Professional cleaning of teeth and regular examinations, including x-rays, are basis used for disease prevention.

The professionals will also give you guidelines of the right things to do to improve your oral hygiene even at home. They may also recommend patients some preventive treatments like sealants or mouthguard.

  • Restorative Services

If there is an issue found, the dentist will make sure that the patient will get appropriate treatment at a timely manner. The most common treatments dentists recommend for dental restoration are filling in affected teeth or tooth and removing tooth decay. They may also recommend a place where a patient will go when prompt treatment is needed for dental trauma, like loosened, knocked out or broken tooth.

General dentists may identify and treat the root cause of gum disease or tooth pain. Some offer treatments for place crowns, missing teeth, bridgework and the like. There are some who offer advanced treatments like orthodontics, root canal, and dental implants.

  • Cosmetic Procedures

They can help patients get their sweetest smiles back with the help of wide array of cosmetic procedures, cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening to name two. If you are looking for a total mouth makeover, they are the best people to reach.

Never deprive yourself with a perfect smile, as without it, you may also lose your confidence facing other people.

  • Overall Health Issues

You should take teeth and mouth issues seriously, as the impact it may bring can cause negative implications on your overall health. For instance, oral infections that are untreated can lead to pregnancy complications (for pregnant women), harder control on the sugar level (for diabetic patients) and so on. You may see the issue simple, but the grave impact it may bring to your overall health condition should never be taken for granted.

A general dentist is highly trained to identify these kinds of issues and more. What they can do is offer the right treatment or refer patients to someone else (in case required).

With the many things a general dentist can service, regularly appointments with them is a must. They are not only there to help you achieve and regain your smile, but also to help you identify any serious problems that may possibly occur not only to your mouth but your entire body. Do not wait for issues to occur before seeing them, sometimes issues start without any obvious signals.