Top 5 Materials To Build Your Patios

Many people focus on the interior of their home. Painting walls, getting just the right furniture and creating enhancements that add value to the home often seem more important when creating a cozy environment. An often overlooked area of your house that can add to that feeling is the patio. A patio is an outside area that can be in the front or back of your home and can be used for a variety of things. Perhaps you are looking for another spot to entertain guests. Maybe you need something, which integrates easily with the landscaping. To create the right look, you’ll need to choose the patio builders like Hats For Houses which is  right for you.

Here Are Five Tips For You To Consider :


Poured concrete is perhaps one of the most common materials used for patios. It creates a nice smooth surface and is durable though it can crack over time due to the ground shifting. If you don’t like the look of the gray slab, there are ways to stain the concrete and give it a more polished look.  This type of material is cost effective and cheap, but it’s best to hire a contractor to do the actual pouring.

Concrete Pavers

Along the lines of poured concrete, this style of paver comes in smaller pieces, allowing you to lay them out in a variety of patterns. Durable and able to withstand all types of weather, they are going to last longer than their poured counterpart. They also shift with the ground. The homeowner can install this style of the patio.


This is an easy material to lay out yourself rather than hiring a contractor. Made up of small rocks, gravel can be spread out to create the look you want, making it easier to use than other materials.  Since it is exposed to the elements, some shifting will occur over time, but unlike pavers or concrete, gravel is much easier to replace and doesn’t take as much time to lay out.


Brick is an extremely versatile material for the patio because it comes in such a variety of shapes and colors. Like pavers, brick can shift with the ground over time and allow for better drainage. Should one become dislodged or break, they are easy to replace, but for the most part, a brick patio holds up well in extreme weather. Creating patterns within your patio is easy to do with bricks, too.


Perhaps one of the prettiest styles of the patio is stone. Like brick, stones come in different shapes and colors to create a natural look in your backyard or garden. They also shift with the ground, but are easy to replace should one crack or break. The biggest drawback of stone is their price.  Based on the style of stone you choose, this can be an expensive option.

More and more people are using patios to relax and to entertain. With so many building options out there, you’re sure to find the look that’s right for you and your home.