Takeover USA Review – Scam by James Wright?

Overview of Takeover USA Ebook

Is it a Proactive and Practical Approach for Survival?

Takeover USA is an eBook that is gaining much popularity owing to its practical approach. In times like today when massive natural, political, social and economic upheavals are taking place all around the globe, you would never know what part of the world is next to be hit by any of such mayhems. Any man-made or natural catastrophe may strike any nation in the world. Survival is a basic human instinct, so naturally, humans dwelling in any catastrophic area would have to fight for survival. In such insecure and unstable global conditions not only is the fight for survival is important, but preparedness for this fight is also necessary. Hence, this eBook Takeover USA comes forth as a self-help guide in such hard circumstances.

Author of Takeover USA

Takeover USA is written by James Wright.  Wright is an ex- navy seal of USA army and has been through many tough and rough experiences in life. He thus uses his firsthand knowledge regarding survival to compile this eBook. Takeover USA consists of a step by step program to help you prepare yourself for unseen and unexpected circumstances. It guides an individual about how to secure his money and financial assets and how to secure food and other items necessary for human survival. Thus this is a survival manual that trains you for catastrophic conditions. Although taking help from this guide would not save you from such conditions entirely but their effects could be significantly lessened by following the tips and tactics suggested in the book.

How Takeover USA Prepares You for Survival?

Takeover USA adopts a step by step approach to providing you properly with detailed guidelines for survival. The book consists of five modules regarding five different areas of life.

takeover usa review

Module 1: Financial Forecasts and Preparedness 

This module cites personal experiences of Wright and how money should be invested properly to minimise the chances of losing them at the times of economic setbacks

Module 2: Seal Secrets for Survival and Defense

This part of the eBook talks about different self-defense techniques. Also, it suggests some 33 steps that may secure you from any assailant. This knowledge may also be derived from the personal experiences of Wright.

Module 3: The Ultimate Survival Food Guide 

In the case of any natural disaster or political upheaval, food shortage is the first thing to follow. Hence securing oneself from such a problem is necessary. Wright lists 77 types of foods that may help you live sustainably. He also tells you techniques of how and what to secure for yourself and how to cook food even without any supplies of gas or electricity. He further proposes techniques to make sure that the food you have saved for yourself is only approachable by you.

Module 4: The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide

In any disaster, medical emergencies are likely to happen and most difficult to provide cure to immediately. Thus Wright in Takeover USA talks about certain plants which may help cure certain sicknesses. Also, it gives detail account of how you can help yourself taking care of different kinds of wounds by simple processes

Module 5: A True Survivalists Weaponry Guide

Arms and weapons are necessary for survival when there is a takeover situation or any political disturbance etc. You may not keep them in store but make them when the time comes. Takeover USA talks about a list of munitions you may store at home and make improvised bombs like Thermite Bomb and pepper spray and other weapons at a reasonable price. It also suggests where to keep your handguns if you have any to keep them secure and safe.

Price Details

All these modules are easily available to consumers at $259.

Bonus Pack

In addition to the five module package, a bonus pack is also available for the facility of consumers. Named as the Hero Training Program, this program consists of eight sections dealing with eight different areas of life including family protection training, and food protection guide, etc.

takeover usa review


The positive aspects of takeover USA are

  • Well developed: It is developed by an experienced navy seal which has 30 years of service record. Hence his experiences upon which the book is based are genuine and considerable.
  • Covers a wide array: It talks about many areas of life like food, family protection, armaments protection, financial guide and much more
  • Detailed course of action: The book gives a detailed account of how what and where. There is almost nothing that has been left out. Every aspect of life is well covered and detailed.


Like everything else, take over the USA also has few negative points.

  • Over priced first module: The rest of the training modules i.e. 2, 3, 4 and 5 are below US$50, but module1 is priced at US$99.  This might be a little expensive for some people.
  • Requires commitment: Everything is discussed in detail in the book, but putting all this knowledge into practice requires proper commitment from the user. Otherwise, it would be useless to buy and read. Therefore if you are committed to work for your survival, beforehand you must follow the guidelines proactively with commitment.
  • Online availability only: Takeover USA is available online only from the official website. Some may find it uneasy to access.

Is Takeover USA Survival Guide Scam?

If you are thinking Takeover USA to be another scam, then think again. The World today is involved in many unprecedented circumstances. Financial as well as physical security, both are important for survival. Although you can think of many things and chalk out your plans for survival during any catastrophe takeover, USA does the job for you.  It provides you with a proper step by step approach and detail accounts of every aspect already thought of and worked at by the writer after years of experience. Hence you need not worry about planning but go in action directly by following the guidelines mentioned in the book.

takeover usa review

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