Survive The End days – A Detailed Review

Survive the end days by Nathan Shephard is a book that aims at describing the end of the world and gives survival tips to last in the evening of our planet. The book is a two hundred and eighteen page manual along with online videos and training courses. It also boasts of a forum for members only to share ideas and thoughts. At first it is likely that you would be blown away by the amount of valuable content present in this book. So let us pause for a bit and do a ‘survive the end days’ review to understand the book in detail and also learn about the chapters.

About Nathan Shephard — The Author:

It is evident that Nathan Shephard is certainly a person who understands the bible. He has claimed that the world is going to end based on certain predictions given in the bible and also the current situations of the world. He has assumed that the world will more or less come to an end if Putin strikes America. Well, to be very honest the author has laid down some blatant truths regarding the fate of the human race and at some point we all have to agree that such possibilities cannot be ruled out. He further informs the reader that it is better to be prepared for such a happening in the near future. Learn some basic tricks that can help the average person survive situations of chaos.

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What is in there for the readers?

The first chapter: At the beginning survive the end days program delves into the author’s background. The author realizes that the end of the world is approaching and describes certain events that have been accurately predicted in the bible.

  • The world wars
  • Famine happening worldwide
  • The development of air-crafts.

EMP described in chapter 2. I guess you are not aware about EMP. An EMP refers to Electro-Pulse magnet Disturbance. It is likely to be one of the most destructive weapons which fries all electrical circuits. This is achieved by them by overcharging with extremely high and damaging amount of voltage. The negative energy thus produced can be captured by antennas and batteries.

Protecting electronics. The third chapter of the book gives an in detail description about the requirement of protecting our electronic devices if an EMP attack is used on us in the near future. The electronic devices will include smart phones, lap tops and other wired devices.

Planning for the end of the world: This is the fifth chapter of the book ad here Shephard brings forward the importance of planning in advance for such an attack. It is understandable that a proper plan can actually take us a long way in trying to survive such situations.

Techniques to save your life: The author lays down some of most important and useful techniques to save your life in hazardous situations. These techniques may include the following:

Medical supplies: Having an emergency first aid box with you is very necessary.

Maintaining personal hygiene: Maintaining your hygiene at all times during an hazard can take you a long way in remaining alive.

  • Learning to treat an open wound.
  • Learning to perform tracheotomy.
  • Treating situations of frostbite.
  • Learning to treat leg fractures.
  • Learning to remove bullets.
  • Surviving an attack from a poisonous snake.
  • Safeguarding yourself from environmental injuries.

Surviving the real fight: This chapter stresses the importance of security. Guarding the family members and all medical supplies should be given importance. A proper plan should be laid out regarding the various security posts around your area and movements need to be monitored.

Taking that extra mile: when we talk about a survival fight then we must consider a lot more than medical supplies and proper strategy. The emotions that are naturally present in us can have a deterring effect on the chances of our survival.

Last remarks: The final chapter gives an apt and beautiful ending to the book. It describes the real situations on how the world is nearing more and more chaos as time passes and why it is highly likely that we are approaching the third world war.


The book is now available at 95% off. So, if you still had reservations for this book you just might give that a second thought.

  • A guide on surviving the next nuclear war: An in detail description about how to save yourself and your family if the next nuclear war is started.
  • A survival guide on chemical wars: A similar report in which chemical wars are given the primary importance.


  • The right knowledge for you and your family: You would have to say that at such a time you certainly require the knowledge to save yourself from a crisis.
  • Simple writing: The book has been written in a very simple yet gripping language. This makes reading easier. The instructions given are clear and to the point.
  • Affordability: the book is modestly priced and does not dig a hole in your pockets.


  • Instills Fear: Just because of the nature of things described in the book, the guide has a potential to in still a sense of fear for the future.
  • Only E-copy: There is no hard copy available and that it makes it difficult for some people as they may not like to go through their laptop or tables for reading books.

Money back Guarantee:

The book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Well, so definitely the book seems to be worth a shot as if at any moment you feel that the book is a waste of money then you can get it refunded.

Is Survive The End Day Scam Or Real?

Based on customer reviews and expert advice, we have seen that there are more positives regarding Survive the end days and we therefore cannot call it a scam. Also, scientific research validates most of the things mentioned in the book. The facts described are believable and do not seem to be fraudulent. It is certainly possible that the predictions made in the bible are correct and we are eventually going to face our end but it remains to be seen as to when such an occurrence would take place. If you are willing to have a different perspective about life and have the right kind of mind set to follow such training’s then Survive the end day is worth a shot.