Pure Natural Healing Program Review – No surgery, No Medicine Approach for Curing Ailments

Different big or small ailments have become prevalent in the lives of humans commonly today. Some examples include migraines, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and much more. The medical industry is expanding day by day introducing different medicines, procedures and techniques to cure these diseases. So is medical science ever busy in finding new and advanced methods for the prevention and cure of diseases that are also evolving in form and effects with the evolution of our societies?

Pure Natural Healing is a program based on traditional and ancient Chinese way of treating ailments. Chinese from ancient periods use acupressure as the key to human health. It is a subtle way of achieving better health in general and proven better results for mental peace. They claim to reverse effects of many terminal diseases and prevent one from various ailments, decrease stress levels and anxiety and help one heal their body naturally.

Pure Natural Healing Program Developer and Practitioner

It is not only a program developed after profound research but has also been used in practice for years by the developer. Master Lim and Kevin Richardson are the brains behind this manual. They not only used the acupressure techniques but also used their knowledge of aromatherapy, healing powers of food, essential oils, herbology and massage therapy. Earlier he used to help people find their healing abilities by visiting his clinic however recently he has developed the program manually to help those who are far away and cannot reach him in person.


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Notion behind the Pure Natural Healing Program

The idea of this program is to activate the healing powers of the human body. This is done through simple acupressure techniques used on the meridian points or the pressure points in your body.

Meridian Points

Meridian points are the points in your body which are responsible for the flow of energy throughout your body. Chinese believed that there are some specific points in a human body which when pressed or massaged or provided positive energy transfers with this energy throughout your body and hence relieve one from pain and other such symptoms. This belief was also experimentally proved by two researchers when they injected radioactive substance through meridian points in the body and scanned it later to find out that the substance was flowing in the entire body. Contrary to that when the same substance was injected in the no-meridian points it disappeared. Thus meridian points gave way to meridian therapy, i.e. the therapy to use meridian points in your body to help your body unfold its healing abilities.

People with healthy meridian points are in good health. However, it has been found out that people suffering from different ailments have slower meridian points regarding speed and balance. Hence, for the healthy physical body, the balance of energies in your body and speed of flow of energies through meridian points should be optimal.

Pure Natural Healing Manual

This Program is in the form of an eBook or manual which can be easily downloaded from the website. The manual comes with proper guidelines or instructions to teach you how to implement the acupressure techniques on your body to achieve maximum results.

Along with the manual, a workbook is also provided to the consumer which helps you keep a record of your healing experience. You can use the workbook to make a routine for yourself and follow it regularly by noting down the steps you take and impacts experienced too.

The program Journal takes up a step by step approach and works through following

  • Help identify the illnesses
  • Teaches the reversing techniques of that particular illness
  • Help identify meridian points of your body
  • Teaches how to isolate your meridian points and use them for better health
  • Makes a time-based schedule for you which you would need to focus on and follow for better results.

Thus the manual trains you in a subtle way so you can be an expert yourself.


Apart from the manual and workbook once you order this program eBook, you also receive a workbook which teaches you the best foods for your health and best exercises to help boost the immune system of your body.

Also, you receive video illustrations of how you can use the meridian points of your body to heal yourself without any medicine or surgery or drug intervention.


The manual comes with a 60 days money back guarantee


The advantages of the this Program are

  • Eliminates symptoms of depressions, nausea, pain and anxiety
  • Enable your body heal wounds and other minor and major diseases
  • Easy to understand
  • Money back guarantee
  • Discounted price available


  • Online availability only so people without internet access or other problems may not be able to benefit from this program
  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • It is not a quick recovery system, takes time to perform and achieve results
  • It may work differently on different bodies.
  • In the case of medical emergencies complete reliance on this system is not advised since an expert may claim to have reversed the emergencies but not everybody can become an expert in a few days. It takes proper knowledge and practice.


Pure Natural Healing sounds a fantasy for no medicine and no surgery approach is a unique idea these days, but it claims to work this way and that too effectively. There are no side effects as claimed by the acupressure if done the right way. However, the results take the time to be observable.

Minor ailments are easy to manage through this system however for major ailments, and expert advice is necessary, through practice though you can help yourself in treating minor diseases properly. Better take a medical advice for major ones until expert level practice is acquired. However investing in a simple and easy to use a program like this is no doubt a wise choice to help you heal your body and gain improved general health and better lifestyle.

Pure Natural Healing

Pure Natural Healing Program Review