Old School New Body Review- a life-changing program or a complete scam


Almost everyone you meet and know in your life had at least once wanted to change its appearance and body features but by not knowing where and how to start, decided to abandon those thoughts and continue living a life of unhappiness and unfulfillment due to being either too skinny or having too much fat stored.

The old school new body system is all about changing the way you look at exercising and showing you step-by-step how you can get into the game and make positive changes in your life.

This Old School new body review will help you see all of the program’s features and how it may benefit if you decide to purchase it.

And what is great about this program is that it doesn’t matter whether you are skinny or fat and whether you want to pack up some iron strong abs or just lose some weight, this system promises to be a good starting point for any individual out there.

Authors of the program

When you decide to purchase a program on the Internet, it is highly recommended to check whether the authors of the program are reliable and actually know what they are talking about.

The couple behind Old School New Body is Steve and Becky Holman. They are highly experienced and respectable personas in the fitness world. Steve has more than 35 years of exercising under his belt, he is an Iron magazine contributorand editor,and heknows his stuff when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscles.

Becky, on the other hand, has been in the fitness world a little less than Steve. She spent the last 20 years exercising on and off,but herrecent transformation is what inspired this couple to create this fantasticprogram and show everyone that transforming a body is not necessarily the hardest thing ever. It does require some sacrifice, putting some time into it but it can be achieved by anyone who follows this program step-by-step.

What is the base of this program?

Something that attracts a lot of people to this program is the fact that Steve and Becky had decided to make an F4X system a strong foundation of every workout and set.

If you have never heard about F4X system before, you will be now introduced to one of the most quality and efficient stylesof training. The F4X is quite simple to follow. You are obligated to, for each workout you do, find a particular weight that is not too heavy or too easy for you and that with each series of workouts, you can do at least 15 reps. However, you should never push yourself to do 15, rather stop at 10 repetitions and rest for 35 seconds until you go again.

This may not sound groundbreaking until you start with it. The key is to do 4 sets of each workout which will lead to activating all fibers of your muscles. In the first set, you will be activating the red slow twitch muscle fibers. In the second and third set, you will put pressure on red fast twitch fibers and in third and fourth, you will engage white fast twitch fibers and complete the exercise by knowing that you have managed to hit each fiber of your muscle.

What is great about the F4X program is that it prevents you from getting injured by not letting you use weights that may be too heavy for you. This program is still going to produce awesome results even though you are not hitting the highest possible weight.

Workouts are done three times a week which leaves you enough time to recover and prepare yourself for the next workout session.

How achievable is the Old School New Body program’s diet?

Most of the fitness programs that you can stumble upon on the Internet have a diet plan that is tough and almost impossible to follow. This is not a case with this program, and that is the beauty of it. Of course, this may sound great for you now, but for people who have more troubles with weight loss, some of the dieting and nutrition tips offered in this program will not suffice enough.

Pros and Cons of purchasing the program


  • The illustration- This is great for beginners who have a tough time learning how to do each exercise properly. The authors made sure to safeguard you by putting long explanations of how to do each workout and help you master all core and advanced exercises.
  • Versatility- This program is highly versatile, and it is suited for anyone who has access to a professional gym.
  • A variety of useful information- Everything in this book is thoroughly explained, researched and presented in a way that even a 5-year old could understand it.


  • Poor layout- The online format of this program is not of the highest quality and some of the graphics a little bit weird.
  • Fluff content- Some of the content could be cut out of the eBook.

Summing up

This program is probably one of the best fitness programs you can find on the Internet at the price range it is currently being sold for. It is packed with great advice regarding dieting, and it is built on a strong F4X system that will prevent you from getting injured but still bring you awesome results!