How To Lose Weight by Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise s and living habits that focus on your mind, body and also the soul. Delivered from sank it the word: Yog meaning union of individual and the whole world’s consciousness. It’s a recommended practice for all individuals regardless of their age. Unlike other physical practices activities, yoga aims at rejuvenating the whole human from within as well as from outside. Yoga is the fastest method of losing weight, it burns calories required for the body to shade is very effective when it comes to lasting weight loss. With the growing trend of increased cases of metabolism disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and others, individuals have embraced yoga as a maintain their fitness as well as lose weight  Here are some of the ways of losing weight by practicing yoga;

Breathing or respiratory poses

Other than poor feeding habits, weight gain is also caused by the inefficient functioning of respiratory organs. Yoga has breathing practices that aim at balancing and cleaning your inner organs. Basic asana and other breathing exercises increase heart rate and metabolic thus losing weight.

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Involves more than ten yoga poses, mainly focuses on different body is known to keep the body active as well as helping exercise almost all parts of your body. It aims at making skeletal strong and reducing stress and mental anxiety.

Warrior pose

Your legs placed in a mountain pose, stretching one of the legs towards the back with knee ninety degrees and your hand placed stretched above the head. exercise done by altering the position of legs and hands helping legs, arms, back and thighs thereby improving blood circulation and burning the fat- free body masses thus weight loss.

Upward plank pose

This works excellent on your shoulders, back, arms, wrist, spine and also fortifies muscles. It’s also extent for the respiratory system. The Yoga involves sitting with legs straightened apart in front, placing your hands on the back of your hips and trying to stand up.

Yoga changes one’s mind and soul

It makes you start seeing in a new different dimension, by making you aware of your consciousness. Yoga disconnects you from the old egos hence you stop acting what you feel to be good. Choice of food and lifestyle changes resulting in weight loss. Yoga also awakens your soul make you feel that those older habits no longer good again.