Learn How To Make Animal Traps And Hunt Your Prey

While today technology has improved and there are many ways by which we can trap animals, kill it and then use it as food, we also should find out ways by which it is possible to do so in case the technology is not available. There could be many disaster-like situations where it would be impossible to find out and get access to these modern methods and ways of trapping and killing animals for food. We therefore need to go back to the good old days of our ancestors and forefathers. They also had the need to capture and kill animals for food. Hence it would not be a bad idea to take a leaf or two from their methods which perhaps many of us have forgotten.

While there could be many resources available on the internet and other places, it would be better to look for some reliable and authentic source. Looking up resources like the lost ways book could certainly help in more ways than one. These resources take us back down memory lane and we will certainly find them extremely useful. These are time tested and proven ways by which we can survive in disaster situations whether it is war, floods, earthquake, tsunami and other such natural and man-made catastrophes. However, over the next few lines we will have a look at a few such steps which could certainly be helpful.

Using Sticks, Rocks And Bait Could Work

When spears, arrows and other such things were not invented by man, he still used to capture and kill animals for food. Using his intelligence and sixth sense he used simple things like rocks, sticks and baits to create crude but highly effective bait. However, it is important to understand the importance of camouflage because that is what will make it successful. The sticks, strings and the rocks should be hidden so that the animals walk into the trap without suspecting. They are easy to make and very effective.

Use Twigs And Branches

It also is possible to use branches and snares which is extremely effective for small to medium sized animals. They can easily be set up and can be placed on the ground. The string has to be tied in the shape of a noose. The small animals have high chances of walking into the trap and their legs would get stuck. It is again not very difficult to make and one can use the resources available outside to make the same. They can certainly help you to survive in difficult and tough situations caused by various types of man-made and natural disasters.

Plastic Bottles, String And Tasty Bait

It also is possible to use a string, tasty bait and even some junked plastic bottles to catch fish. They are extremely effective and the success rate is quite good provided you target only small and medium sized fishes. They can come in very handy, when you need high quality, natural protein in a disaster situation where cooking and eating a regular meal is simply out of question.