How to Recondition Any Types of Dead or Broken Battery

They say your car’s battery is like its heart, and I realized it when it refused to work a couple of months ago…

Hi, my name is Mac and I live in Fresno, CA. I work as an accountant in a company and I really enjoy playing with numbers. However, I do not know much about electrical devices or other technical stuff related to engines, batteries, etc. My car was working just fine, but it suddenly refused to move. The engine was cranking but did not start. I knew that if the engine cranks while turning the key but fails to start, then there has to be some issue with the battery. I wanted to make sure though because sometimes a problem with the starter could also result in the same. I called a friend, took my car out, and asked him to push it, so we could get it started. I left the engine running for about half an hour and then finally turned the engine off. After waiting for a minute or so, I started it again. My battery worked this time, but then I tried after another half an hour and I experienced the same issue. At this point, I was pretty sure that I have a dead battery at hand.

My Quest to Revive the Battery

Like everyone else, I knew that a dead battery is well… dead and cannot be revived. Still, I decided to use some online tutorials to help recondition it. I knew that those methods may not bring my battery to full performance, but I still wanted to try to see if I could make it work. I tried a number of things, including the following:

  • I found a how-to guide to help restore dead batteries. I had to buy a 3cm syringe, crocodile cords, and voltmeter. I started by preparing the battery. I removed the cover on the top of the battery using a flat screwdriver. There were holes underneath completely covered by rubber caps. I removed those caps as well and measured the volts. It was 0.76 volts, which was bad news but I continued with the procedure.
  • As per the guide I was following, the next step was to fill the water inside the battery. I used distilled water for this purpose with a hope that it would active the acid again. I used the syringe here to refill the battery. Then, I checked the voltage again, but it was almost the same. That was again some bad news because the guide said that there would be an increase in the voltage after refilling the battery. Still, I wanted to complete the procedure to see if it would really work.
  • Next up, I had to charge the battery and the guide said I should be going for 12 volts DC. I found it and used it for 5 minutes. As per the guide, there had to be some bubbles coming out of the holes, but it did not happen. I reversed negative and positive and recharged it again and there were some bubbles. I changed negative and positive again and moved on to the next step.
  • I used the syringe to remove the wasted water and let the battery charging for a couple of hours. I left it in that condition, wishing that I had done everything as per the instructions and I would be able to salvage my almost dead battery. After several hours of charging, I disconnected the battery, covered the hole, and tried it again in the car.

But, then it occurred to me that all my efforts have gone wasted because the battery was still out of order. I was devastated and cursing the person who had created such useless guide. I wanted to give up, but my wife said that we should try something else before throwing this one out and buying a new one.

My Second Shot at Saving my Battery

Then, I came across another simple guide and decided to give it a shot. It involved using Epsom salt, which was easy to procure. I started by checking the voltage again and my old voltmeter helped me here. There volts were quite low once again. The guide said that I should take a half liter of distilled water and heat it until it is very close to boiling. I did the same and then added a quarter of kilogram of Epsom salt into it and stirred well. Then, I opened the sealed caps again, drained the old electrolyte, and poured the new electrolyte solution, which was the mixture of distilled water and Epsom salt. The final step was to put my battery on a trickle charge overnight, and I did the same only to discover that the status of my battery had not changed at all. That actually made me quite furious and I was about to throw the battery away when my friend asked me to try the EZ Battery Reconditioning course.

My Experience with the Course

EZ batter ReconditioningI was in no mood for trying anything new, but what made me give it a shot was the fact that it was not really a guide but more of a course. Also, my friend was talking highly of the course. I gave it a shot and I am glad that I took that chance. It was an extremely simple step-by-sep system explaining how to recondition dead batteries. The best thing was that the course covered all sorts of batteries, including laptop batteries, phone batteries, car batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, rechargeable batteries, phone batteries, deep cycle batteries, alkaline batteries, golf cart batteries, solar system batteries, wind system batteries, and many more.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about using it because the whole system seemed too good to be true, but I had to change my mind later because it shared some very simple tips that I tried and managed to recover my lost battery. It was nothing less than a miracle considering I had tried a number of ways already. The best thing about the course was that the creator of this course Frank, also known as the Battery Man was so clear about how to proceed with different types of batteries. After fixing my car battery, I decided to apply those tips on my other home batteries, and it worked again. Then, my wife suggested something great – she said that our friends have loads of batteries not working properly and we could earn some money if we could use the secrets mentioned in the EZ Battery Reconditioning course to recondition those batteries. I liked that idea, tried it, and until today, I have fixed hundreds of batteries and earned good money too.

A Blessing in Disguise

Again, the EZ Battery Reconditioning course was nothing less than a blessing for me. Now, I am glad that my battery died and made me look for a solution. During the course, you learn a simple 20-minute method that works great to help bring a variety of batteries back to life. You just need a multi-meter to get started and there is no need to have serious technical knowledge about volts or batteries. The course also explains how you can protect your eyes and other body parts while playing around batteries. It also helped me understand the importance of checking the level of water in my battery and removing the sulfation from the lead-acid cells, which was one of the major reasons why batteries fail. The course also explains a chemical additive method and explains how to use a high frequency device to get rid of the sulfate over time.

My Verdict!

All this really helped me learn a great deal about batteries and how they function, and the EZ Battery Reconditioning course is the reason why I no longer need to worry about wasting money on buying new batteries. I’d highly recommend this to everyone looking for a way to recondition an old, broken, or dead battery. Give it a shot and you will love it!