How Does Numerology Affects Life?

The study of Numerology is typically about the old traditional and mystical beliefs that study about the correlation of numbers with the life events that’s been happening to an individual. The study of numbers is associated with paranormal and divinatory arts that became very controversial. This was used and practiced by the early mathematician that involves numerology. However, the modern scientist is no longer practicing nor recognizes the use of numerology. Furthermore, there are still existing numerologist that believes and uses to know certain details of a person such as a month, day and year of birth. How has Numerology changed your life? Here are the following ways as to how it has greatly affected a person’s life.

  1. Personality– the study of Numerology provides its insights regarding the characteristics that have been possessed such as how one person acts to the environment, perceived as its first impression. To find the number of your personality, the use of the alphabet in finding its numerical value. For example, for every consonant letter of your name that consist of the first, middle and last name.
  2. Life path– this connects to the directions of your life path which became the essence of life. This related to life’s most challenges, lessons, and opportunities. By knowing your life path number by adding the entire single digit using your birth dates and reduce its number into a single digit form.
  3. Career– if you are to use numerology, you’ll need to know if the career path you’re choosing is meant for you or not. There are certain life numbers that are compatible to numerology, and there are as well other numbers that are not compatible.
  4. Interest– everyone has their interest in activities which makes each one unique. This is why numerology can explain it well why there are some activities that can thrill and at the same time waste for some people.
  5. Relationship and compatibility– if you must know, the world is filled with incompatibility and mismatches that are why some people are grumping about life’s circumstances. Although it is believed that the challenges of life are extremely difficult and challenging as well. Most of the time, the opposites attract, and it only goes to show that sometimes life isn’t always fair.
  6. Business ventures– this carries out a vibrational energy whether it is compatible or not. If success can be determined or not. Discovering if the business is well suited for your personality or not.