Eat Stop Eat Review: What You Need To Know And Why It Works

My Eat Stop Eat Review

Hi. My name is Stephen I wanted to give you my Eat Stop Eat review to hopefully help other people that were in my situation. I was always overweight. When I was younger, I was 20 to 30 pounds overweight. As I got older, there is 20 to 30 pounds turned into more and more. I always wanted to lose weight, but I never was able to. This is until I came across the Eat Stop Eat program.

Like many people today, my busy lifestyle made it difficult for me to stay on a diet. I would continually convince myself that this was the time I was actually going to stick to a diet. Over and over again, I would fall into the same cycle. I would start a diet and see results pretty quickly, but inevitably, I would fall off the wagon and get back to my binge eating ways.

The Vicious Cycle

Most of the time, my diet would only last a few days. The first few days would feel great. I would see a few pounds drop off almost instantly and it would really get me excited about it. Every time, I thought I had finally found the diet plan that was going to work for me.

By day four or five, I would start to think about food and how hungry I was constantly. Eventually, I would have a bad meal and that would snowball into a full day of over eating. Then comes the weekend and I completely give up. I would binge eat on pizzas and beer. All the work that I did the first few days was completely thrown away by the end of the week. I felt terrible about myself and then I would promise that I would stick to the next diet that I did. And that continues the cycle that I felt stuck in for years.


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Why I Finally Made A Change

It wasn’t until a year ago that something changed for me. I was gaining more and more weight. I was approaching 300 pounds and I was having a hard time playing with my nephews. They really looked up to me and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them because of my obesity. I decided enough was enough and I finally started doing some serious research on a diet program that would actually work for me. This is how I found Eat Stop Eat.

Eat Stop Eat By Brad Pilon

Eat Stop Eat is a program that is designed for chronic binge eaters. This is why it is perfect for me and other chronic overeaters like yourself. The thing that really appealed to me when I was looking into this program was that I realized the only time I wasn’t constantly hungry was when I was asleep.

You see, your body suppresses hunger while you sleep and it extends into the morning. This is why you don’t feel hungry as soon as you wake up in the morning, even though 8 to 10 hours have passed since you last ate. On the other hand, if you are an overeater like myself, you may notice that you are hungry again within 2 to 3 hours after you eat your first meal. The Eat Stop Eat program takes advantage of this with intermittent fasting.

Who Is Behind Eat Stop Eat Program?

This program was created by Brad Pilon. Brad has a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition, and he has worked with one of the top supplement companies in the country for years. He began putting this program together during his studies after learning how ineffective most mainstream diets are for people. He knew that this approach would work so he felt compelled to put it together himself.

During his time putting this program together, Brad carefully researched hundreds of scientifically proven studies so that he was able to put together the best possible program for everyone. He was tired of people jumping from diet to diet and never seeing any results. In my case, I would often gain weight after falling off the wagon with each diet trend I came across. The other diets that I tried were so ineffective that it became counterproductive to even try.

Why Do So Many Diets Fail?

The real reason that so many diets fail is because of the long-term calorie restriction that it puts you on. Over time, the caloric deficit will accumulate and it will drive your hunger up higher and higher. At some point, (in my case it would only take four to five days) the hunger would be too unbearable and it pushes you past the tipping point. One cheat meal would turn into a full day of binge eating and I was back to where I started within hours.

The difference between the Eat Stop Eat program is that it does not rely on long-term calorie restrictions. Instead, it takes advantage of your body’s natural ability to suppress your hunger. In this program, you will take intermittent fasting breaks throughout each week that will allow you to reduce your weekly calories without ever feeling hungry. The rest of the time, you can eat what you want, when you want.

Is This An Eat Stop Eat Scam? Read Customer Reviews For Yourself

“I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. For so long, I never thought I was someone that was going to be able to get in shape. It wasn’t until I came across Eat Stop Eat review that I finally changed my life and perspective on my weight. I lost 60 pounds and I look and feel better than I ever have!”

  • Review from Grace Forbath, 52

“Brad is my Savior! I never knew about intermittent fasting until I read through this program. It was perfect for me. I’ve been using it for two years and I couldn’t be happier with my results!”

  • Review from Nancy Martin, 36

“I was skeptical when I first looked through this program. It wasn’t until I decided to give it a try that I really changed my perspective on intermittent fasting. It turns out, there’s nothing unhealthy about it. I love how it allows me to eat meals that use to ruin my diet. Now, I can eat those meals guilt-free and still lose weight thanks to Brad’s program.”

  • Review from Rodger Timmons, 44

Final Verdict

I love this program because it is different from any other diet that I tried before. Intermittent fasting was the easiest diet that I ever tried. The Eat Stop Eat results that I saw doing this were amazing.  I’ve been doing for a year and I continue to stay on it so that I don’t gain the weight back. It seems intimidating at first, but it was way easier than I thought. I recommend that anyone that is having weight issues give it a serious try.


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