Easy Cellar by Claude Davis – is he fibbing or telling the truth?

Without exception, all individuals live in a false sense of security taking comfort  in a “it can never happen to us” feeling. This is probably because most individuals have not seen disasters or calamities. They have remained secluded from the problems that our forefathers faced as a matter of routine. Easy Cellar by Claude Davis is a book that claims to offer tips on protecting onself from problems, in addition to identifying some bone chilling secrets. Before you actually get terrified, let’s first take a good look to see if the author is telling the truth or trying to make a few bucks out of morbid fear.

About the author

Now, before we actually go into the details of the book, let us first take a good look at the author’s credentials. This will actually give us an idea if he is fibbing. This book is the second in a series, and the first one received good patronage. Though it was not a runaway success, it did generate a lot of buzz. Titled ‘The Lost Ways’ the book did brisk business. However, we are not actually going by what that book achieved. We are primarily concerned about the contents of this book and the value it gives us. About the author, he is an old timer kind of person. Living with family in a log cabin personally built, he leads his life in a way that we do not. Everything about his life is about survival skills. He is more or less like one of those characters in television where you leave a person in the wilderness and he will live there without any problems.  There is something about the author which says that no crisis will be able to have a very serious impact on him, because he seems to be prepared for it.

His books, both of them draw from his considerable experience in leading life in exactly the manner our forefathers lived. Apparently, during one of his interviews the author recollected how he picked up skills from his grandparents, where they were able to cook food from what was readily available, improvising and making the most of available resources. Consequently, the interviewer saw the little cabin filled with material and food and stocks that would have lasted the author for a very long time, even if they were cut off from the world with no communication or power.

Now, that surely establishes the author’s credentials, knowledge and expertise on the subject of survival. The fact that there have been actual visits to his place to check out if he practices what he preaches, and that the visits have verified the same, prove that the reader is definitely not being led up the garden path.

What exactly does the book share by way of information? Is it something we already know, or are we learning something new? 

Well, there are two ways to discuss this. One, there are many things which we may have known but have not considered as important enough. We learn of solutions to problems only after we have been told about them by someone. And only when we are guided to a particular situation do we realise that we were actually aware of part of the solution. Two, there are things we are totally not aware of. This book has a mix of both. In short, the book offers a whole load of information that will be very useful in any eventuality. For instance take a look at a few things that the book shares. You get to learn about setting up of traps and snare animals in inclement weather.  You get to know aboutpreparing nutritious food by relying on ingredients that are commonly available. Now this is something that has been used for some time by scouts, and native Americans. However, due to our lifestyles, we have always ignored such possibilities and options, looking at shorter and easier ways of doing things.  You get to know a lot about conserving water and collecting it. Without water, we really will not be able to survive for long and ablutions will get affected to a point where we may contract infections. You will also learn how to make your own ammo. Now that is something that is invaluable in a situation where you may need to protect yourself and your dependants from any possible situation.  You will also learn how you can easily construct cellars that can accommodate families easily and help the families to live in that location for long, till it is safe to surface.The book offers a wealth of information about the kind of plants that need to be grown to support a family that does not have rations or fresh produce for consumption.

The book shows how a cellar can be constructed easily and save lives. The package also comes with instructional videos that offer a step by step guidance to readers on the methods that are necessary to construct a cellar. Bunkers have been used from time immemorial and soldiers of nations on the frontlines find security in bunkers. The book offers information on what would happen in the event of a nuclear holocaust. There really would be no place to go or hide. By constructing a cellar without having to spend a fortune on the materials or he construction itself, readers can safeguard themselves in no time. Without having to make elaborate preparations, readers can easily move in to the safety of the cellars. And the best part, atleast as per the claims of the book, is that the construction of the cellar itself is not a very difficult task and can be accomplished easily. It is all about identifying a natural refuge and improvising it to make the most of out of it. By making modifications and reinforcing the structure, it can become a natural and strong bunker or cellar that will offer protection from calamities. While this is not a doomsday scenario, it is certainly all about being prepared for an eventuality.

Are there supporting evidence to the claims in the book ?

Well, at the rate at which calamities have been striking locations in the U.S, the day is really not far off when more people feel threatened. This could be due to natural causes or due to the outbreak of hostilities. The root cellar as the author prefers to call it, will help families to maintain a fresh stockpile of rations that they can rely on for a long time. The availability of food and meat during a calamity is always a problem. Here, the author has a point. Because we all know that after a problem has subsided, the first thing that is rushed to the location is clean drinking water, food, medical supplies etc. Now the author offers readers the options of creating a cellar in their own backyards, which they can then rely on to supply them with the rations that they need. Now, this is something that is pretty useful. And as per the tips and suggestions in the book, it is possible to create this root cellar without breaking your bank. All you need to do is to invest in the book, use the tips to scout around and identify a suitable location and create the root cellar with whatever is at your disposal. That is something that will be of great use to individuals who may not be willing to spend a great deal of money to prepare for a situation that is possible but not imminent (as per their own calculations).


We now look at the Pros of the program

  • The book is a storehouse of information that offers a lot of useful tips that can be put to everyday use. The best part about the book is that it gives individuals information about a whole lot of things and processes that we typically do. The tips help us to lead a more uncomplicated and healthier life, with greater survival instincts.
  • The book offers a step by step guide on constructing a bunker or cellar. Here, what is unique is that you can actually store your food and rations for a long time without the need for refrigeration. Now, that is a bonus. Because all perishables require refrigeration to stay fresh for a long time, atleast that is what we have been following in the modern world of reliance on gadgets and appliances. The book offers a different take, where we store the same food for long periods without refrigeration.
  • The book is structured just right. You need not hunt for information. All you need to do is to read it from page to page slowly to understand the contents. And when you are done reading, you can rollup your sleeves and start preparing, without confusion or ambiguity. Going back to the relevant portion to check on something is easy with a proper index.
  • Your money back if you are not satisfied. This is something that will make the book look a lot more better. With a moneyback guarantee, it is easy to take a decision. You will not be apprehensive of any potential loss if you find the book, not as per expectations. This is also an indication of the confidence of the author that the book offers information that is useful and worthwhile to a reader.

We now look at some of the Cons of the program

  • Merely reading the book will be of no value or use. You need to actually start working and following the tips offered in the book. If you are the lazy type and would like to get your work done for you, then this is certainly not the book for you.
  • Locations do matter. If you are bang in the middle of a city, then this book will be of  little use to you. Because you really cannot expect to setup a cellar in a high rise. It is meant for families who have a place of their own. Here, the inference is that it is suitable for families that have their own plot surrounding their home.

 Reader reviews

 We have come across reviews that show many people vouching for the contents of the book. This is not surprising, considering the kind of information that has been shared. This makes it a good book to own and read. On the flip side, it does not offer assistance to city dwellers. Readers who were unable to make out from the blurb about the contents of the book ended up buying it, hoping to find information that will be of use to them. They were disappointed and gave reviews that were not very positive. However, the readers did not seek refund as the book did have useful information. It was only a question of being unable to apply the information.

The verdict – is he fibbing or is he telling us something important ? 

He is not fibbing. He is an old timer. While some of the scenarios that have been conjured are not very realistic or real, most of the other scenarios and situations are possible. A nuclear holocaust of the proportions as made out to be may not really be something that will happen very easily. However, other scenarios and situations are possible, with the grim reality of food shortage looming.  Food shortage and food wastage are something that the world is grappling with and this book is certainly very useful on that front, till the time that something goes wrong as conjured. It is a good book to buy. It has valuable information. It has tips that can be put to use in everyday life. It takes us back to our roots, to the era of healthy living. Sometimes minimal can actually be a lot better than wasting. This book brings back our survival instincts and helps us to be more responsible, and caring towards our dependants.