DIY 3d Solar Panels System by Zak Bennett – getting to the bottom of the truth

Every family contends with electricity bills that only seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Two reasons contribute to this increase. One, the number of gadgets and appliances that have become necessary and two, increase in rates. Is it really possible to get off an electricity grid, or reduce reliance on a grid and become 70 to 80% self-sufficient in meeting energy needs? Well, if it indeed is possible, then there could be no better news than this. Zak Bennett seems to think so and his ebook and video combo claims to shares inputs on how this can be achieved. It is time to check out and see if such a possibility exists.

 What is this DIY all about?

This is an ebook and video combo about setting up DIY 3D Solar Panels. It offers ideas for setting up solar panels which in turn will reduce reliance on the grid and slash electricity bills.  These DIY 3D solar panels can be installedin homes easily, and has the capacity to provide energy to every appliance in a home that runs on electricity – from large LED television to washing machines, PCs, music systems, almost everything. It offers standby power when power is disrupted or outages are experienced on the grid. This has added benefits, like preserving food at home when power is disrupted for long periods, due to natural calamities. The installation of this DIY solar system requires less space for installation which can be completed in the garage or backdoors.  The author claims that this will help to slash electricity bills by as much as 70% and does not require any specialist maintenance. The ebooks also states states that the complete needs for power in home can be met with this installation. While solar energy as an alternate to grid power is not entirely new, with large tracts of open land being taken up for harvesting the power of the sun, its effectiveness in helping home owners to get off the grid is something that is new. It does hold merit though, considering the transformation and the advances in technology. So, let’s dive into the information that is being shared to understand if the claims are indeed feasible.

Highlights of the ebook and video combo

  • This program is all about installation of a system and using it at home.
  • It offers instructions methodically, offering tips to individuals on cutting down energy costs to become self-sufficient by independently generating their own power, by harnessing solar energy, and a wind turbine.
  • The ebook and video offers information in a manner that will make it possible for individuals without technical knowledge to set up the system without assistance of any specialists.
  • The package offers individuals an opportunity to be less reliant on power grids and bring costs down by as much as 70 to 80 percent. This is huge, this is considerable and can make a big change in lives, permitting individuals to use the savings elsewhere, in addition to making contribution to the environment.
  • The package helps individuals to enjoy the benefits of being able to generate power easily, and thereby remaining outside the outages and disruptions in power that are typically experienced due to one of many reasons.
  • The package furnishes all supporting information that is necessary for establishing the system, right down to the type of materials and individual components that are necessary for the establishment of the system.

Six standout reasons why this package is worth spending money on.

#1 You get to actually build a system that will generate adequate power required for all household appliances and gadgets that require electricity.

#2 You need not spend money on maintenance. Once established, the system will work with just a little periodic and preventive maintenance spelt out in the video and the ebook.

#3 Setup anywhere. You can actually set this up anywhere. You need not worry about you reside. All that you need is to procure the necessary components and set up your own independent power generating system.

#4 Does not require technical prowess. Many instructionalvideos offer information that require specialist knowledge and expertise. This is one program that offers instructions which can be used by individuals who do not have technical knowledge.

#5 Low cost option. You do not have to actually shell out a large amount for this program. And the program actually helps you to set up the system at a low cost, instead of hiring an agency to do the job for you.

#6 One time cost. You need not plough money into this repeatedly. Do it once and you are done. You do not have to pay bills the way you do with electricity from a grid. You establish a system and then let it run, periodically maintaining it and replacing worn out components after a specific time or life cycle.

Unlike other expensive solar solutions, which come readymade or customized from solar energy panel stores or businesses, this program helps you to set up a high quality system with materials that are commonly available, such as your home, a local home improvement shop, or from any of the clicks and bricks stores.  Conceived for individuals who do not possess technical knowledge, the step-by-step instructions will help you follow the instructions easily. Following the installation, you get to enjoy the benefits of a fully working solar panel system. The videos will help follow all the instructions, and covers everything necessary to know about the right materials to build the solar panels, and increase the power generated so that it meets you requirements easily without you having to spend a fortune on it. Here, the power that is draw is sustainable and green, which actually means that you will never run out of resources.

Benefits of green and sustainable power

All over the world governments and societies are grappling with the effects of using up the earth’s resources and the burning of fossil fuels. As a result, power companies are forced to charge higher rates to keep operations running. The prices of electricity have never gone down in history. This points to the fact that it will only rise in the future. With an independent system home owners will never have to pay more and more for electricity. Once a system has been established it will continue to generate power for a long time without any additional costs. All that is required will be periodic and preventive maintenance. After a long run, certain components may require replacement, but that is negligible and similar to the costs that one pays for the maintenance and upkeep of electrical gadgets and appliances. And the best part is the fact that you get to contribute to the earth as a responsible individual. You will be a more environmental friendly human and can draw satisfaction from the fact that you are helping to combat issues like carbon footprint and global warming. Rather than be a slogan sharing individual on social media, you can actually do something about the need to live responsibly.

A peek at some of the pros of the package

  • The pricing. This is absolutely sweet. For savings that will run into hundreds of dollars every single month, you will actually be spending a very small amount to learn about the system and put one up in your home.
  • Power all the time. You will be insulated from power outages and disruptions in the grid. You need not worry about the power company announcements or notifications about grid downtime or an unexpected outage due to heavy winds or tornadoes or other natural causes. You will have access to power and will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the appliances at home without worrying about the availability of electricity.
  • Running costs. The best part is that, once you have the system installed, you will not be paying a dime. Which means that once you install the system, you need not worry about the power that a particular appliance or gadget is consuming.
  • Money back guarantee. This sweetens the deal. An offer of money back is always the icing on the cake that makes you look at the cake. This is perfect, because, if in sixty days you do not find the program to be of much use, all that you need to do is return the ebook and the video and you will receive your money back. No questions asked. That gives some kind of assurance about the author and the program.
  • Does not take up much space.  This is of great importance. No one would really want to put up with a system that takes up a lot of space. You really need not compromise on your comfort or the need for space in your home. The system is small and can actually be carted around and fixed in a suitable place. You can actually take it with you when you travel to generate power to meet basic requirements.
  • Author with experience. This is from someone who knows what he is talking about. So you really need not worry about the nature of information shared in the program – either the video or the ebook.

A peek at some of the cons of the package

  • It requires putting the ideas into practice. You need to go out and get the components. You need to put together the system and install it for it to work. You do not get a DIY kit, you only get the information that is required for setting up the system.
  • You need to follow the tips and the information diligently. Any divergence or use of own ideas may render the program less effective. Therefore you need to understand all about scalability and the need to ensure precision in implementation.
  • Maintenance is a must. Without maintenance you will find that the system will perform lesser than maximum or optimised output. You need to periodically check on the components that are exposed to the elements.


 The reviews have been good. It is quiet understandable because this is definitely a good program. Very useful, it actually helps individuals to save a lot of money and turn green. Eco friendly and earth friendly programs are definitely worth a lot. And the step by step instructions that have been put out in the video have certainly caught the imagination of users, who have gone on to state that it has been most useful and helpful. This is certainly not a run ofthe mill offering and is very practical to use. Very few reviews have gone against this, and the negative reviews have typically been about the difficult in locating the right components and setting up the system as per the exact specifications. Other than these negative reviews, most of the reviews have been positive and have given a good rating to the product.

So, what does this all say – will it actually help, as claimed?

Our conclusion is that it can help. This is drawn from the scientific and acknowledged basis about solar energy. This is a DIY package without a kit. The only difference between a solar installation and this is the kit or the components that are required for a successful installation Solar solution providers come armed with a kit and components to establish a system at you home. This does not have a kit, but it helps you to learn about the components and sourcing them in a cheap way, which can then be used to put together the system. So, yes, we feel that this is definitely something worthwhile spending. However, it is not suitable for individuals who are lazy in executing tasks. It does require efforts, it does require following the instructions carefully. You need to spend time understanding the system and the concept behind it to be able to actually implement and set up the system. It is easy and methodical, but it does require efforts. Bottomline – go for it.