Diabetes Destroyer System Review – David Andrews Scam ?

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diabetes destroyer scam


There is no denying the fact that too many Americans have problems controlling food intake levels. Many of America’s stereotypes involve the idea of a fat America adult who eats burgers and drinks soda, and over 2/3 of America’s adult population is obese. While obesity itself is just an indicator of weight in relation to height, many health problems are linked to obesity. Heart disease, blood clots, stroke and diabetes are a few problems linked to obesity.

A combination of an abundance of fast food packed with oils, fats and sugars and the lack of time to exercise can make for a sure diagnosis of diabetes or high blood sugar. It is estimated that over 30 million or around 10% of the population has diabetes, and while many people’s diabetes is well-managed with insulin shots, healthy diets and frequent exercise, many people think they are “bound for life” on a support system that is costly and painful. One in five dollars spent in healthcare goes to diabetes treatment.

For many years people have been trying to look for a cure to reverse the effects of diabetes, and many have popped up over the years. Some of these cures were scams, some simply too expensive, while some were truly cures. Diabetes Destroyer review system is a guide written by David Andrews on how to naturally reverse the effects of diabetes without surgery, miracles or massive effort. It is a short EBook format that includes video guides, recipes and friendly pictures. It sells for $37, with a 60 day refund policy and is the latest in diabetes solutions.

David Andrews; Creator of Diabetes Destroyer System

David Andrews is a 51 year old former diabetic and head chef of a restaurant near Washington D.C. He has a wife and two children with him in Washington. David Andrews was an obese diabetic, being a head chef he liked to eat good food, but this often meant too much or unhealthy food. He was spending $2000 on insulin per month, but tragically fell into a diabetic coma following a spike in blood sugar. David was told he had 10 months to live and had 90 days until his leg was to be amputated. Being forced into a corner he met with a diabetes researcher named Roy Taylor at Newcastle University to try to find some answers. What they found was that fat build up around the pancreas was the cause of diabetes and the removal of the buildup would cause diabetes to go away. This is the baseline for David’s guide which we believe is not a scam at all.

Prominent Features of Diabetes Destroyer (not SCAM actually)

David Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer Guide seems to be a simple 37 page EBook that will help anyone who has diabetes drastically lower the need for insulin injections or cure diabetes outright. David’s tips are based off of Dr. Roy Taylor’s study at the University of Newcastle, which concludes the primary cause of diabetes are fat deposits surrounding the pancreas, impeding its ability to produce natural insulin. The step that David and Roy took together was running a study on diabetics while ‘prescribing’ a diet of exact nutrition to follow in order to decrease the amount of fat around the pancreas and weaning them off the insulin. Their preliminary results worked with 100% of the patients and Andrews testifies that it will work for anybody. David’s EBook is pretty much his own plan that reversed his diabetes.

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The offer includes a 60 day money backed by Clickbank.

Pros of Diabetes Destroyer:

  • A surefire way to reverse diabetes

Dr. Roy Taylor’s scientific analysis and study concluded that the fat surrounding the pancreas is the principle cause of Type 2 diabetes. David Andrew and Roy Taylor determined that if you wanted to cure diabetes then you would just have to do the opposite of what caused it, lose the fat around the pancreas, and it worked. In Taylor’s case study, 100% of the patients found their blood sugar levels drop to healthy levels. Scientific proof is sometimes read incorrectly, because many people think that causation equals correlation, but in a one variable study where 100% of the subjects saw extremely positive results, it is hard to deny the correlation.

  • Money Saved and Time Gained

Dr. Taylor and David Andrew’s 3 step guide to reversing diabetes is a very efficient and robust program to reverse your diabetes and heal your pancreas, but it will also heal your wallet as well. Diet and exercise alone, even while on a strict regimen, can take years to cure your high blood sugar. Factoring in the amount of money daily insulin shots along with other regulatory medication costs, you could be spending upwards of a hundred thousand dollars while exercising every day and sticking to a Spartan mean plan. With Diabetes Destroyer, you could save much of the expenses of insulin and other medicine and you could gain 10 years on your lifespan.

  • It’s Easy to Read

David Andrew isn’t an academic or a professional writer, and his book reflects this. Diabetes Destroyer describes, in layman’s terms, how to reverse your diabetes with a 3 step process. Follow a temporary meal plan to reverse the diabetes in 8 weeks with diabetes-friendly recipes, boost your metabolism to keep the pounds and diabetes at bay with lists of superfoods to eat and lastly time your meals to live a happy, diabetes-free life. It’s only 37 pages and there are numerous supplemental video recipes and food guides.

Cons of Diabetes Destroyer:

  • It Requires Discipline

The one major downside to this product is that is requires discipline and complete adherence to the rules. You carry the responsibility to your health, Diabetes Destroyer may be a good guide on how to take charge of your health and cure your diabetes, but if you aren’t serious about your health and don’t follow the guidelines, you won’t be able to cure your diabetes. The case study done by Dr. Roy Taylor was seen through by himself and his staff, making sure that every patient followed the guidelines of his study, but you need to have the discipline and willpower yourself to keep yourself from eating out of control or impulse eating. There is also the small caveat of having to possibly buy more expensive cooking ingredients and taking more time to examine what you’re putting in your mouth.

Diabetes Destroyer Scam or Cure?

Many sites and clickbait images will offer miracle cures that promise to burn fat for little to no effort, but are usually fraudulent and not backed by scientific evidence. The truth is there are a lot of scams out there for diabetes cures because there are a lot of diabetics who feel like they are trapped and want to find a way out. Diabetes Destroyer review system is no miracle cure, but it is a way out. If you have the discipline to stick to a meal plan, do exercises that boost your metabolism and be free of daily insulin shots than Diabetes destroyer is the perfect guide to get you started and diabetes destroyed.
For More Information, Visit the Official Website Here – Official Website
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