A Guide to Refurbishing and Replenishing Dead Batteries

Well, when we talk about replenishing or refurbishing dead batteries the only technique I knew required me to have access to:

  • A voltmeter
  • A 3 cm syringe
  • A power supply
  • Some distilled water, and
  • Crocodile cords.

This technique did not ensure full replenishment but was good enough to keep me going. But the times have changed and with the advent of technology there has been various ways of actually doing such stuff. A recent development has been an E-book, EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide, written by Tom Ericson. Tom, who was an extremely keen observer, learnt his battery replenishing techniques from Frank Thompson who was selling old batteries at a very good price.

Features to Check-out:

Both the people mentioned above have created a comprehensive book on ways to replenish your battery. This can save you a lot of money on batteries and you can also go out and sell some of your replenished batteries at a fair price. Also, the kit comes with a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you are not impressed.

Refurbishing batteries: It should be understood that not all kinds of batteries can be replenished and not every battery is for daily use. The comprehensive guide gives you an in-depth idea about how to replenish numerous amounts of batteries starting from your car batteries to old batteries used for forklifting. The tutorials give an in-depth view about making your old car battery extremely compatible for daily use and selling some of your batteries for a fair price.

The multi-meter: The guide also tells you how to make use of a multimeter in determining if a battery can be fixed in a particular way. You can actually identify which batteries are likely to get fixed and reused. This is very helpful as now you know if you are spending your time wisely by reconditioning your old battery.

Environment Friendly: Batteries that are not used are generally thrown away. Although, not harmful until you eat them, batteries can go into landfills and get crushed to release harmful metals and chemicals into the soil. Reconditioning is likely to reduce this problem in a big way.

The Best Price: As of now the EZ Battery reconditioning Guide is the cheapest way of learning to refurbish your battery or should I say the most cost-effective way.