The Coconut Oil Secrets Review

Coconut oil is a saturated fat rich oil claimed to be an unhealthy diet since after the Second World War when the industrial economies switched to cheaper oil manufacturing techniques. They defamed the use of coconut oil and other such foods which were commonly used before. People all over the world switched to the popular refined oil substitutes and left their healthy choices. This happened to almost all fields of life where unhealthy choices and options became popular as times and technologies advanced and different health issues rose consequently. Then researchers found out that many earlier activities were not altogether as bad as they labelled them to be. They were after all the natural ways and remedies for many issues we are facing today.

About the Author

Jake Carney, who claims to be a specialist in health foods and nutrition, started a platform for researchers and writers and health professionals to spread awareness about healthier choices in life and encourage people to choose alternative health options resulting in a better lifestyle. The platform he founded is called The Alternative Daily. It is an informative blog for all and sundry.

The Coconut Oil Secrets-eBook

Jake Carney realized the need of telling people about the immense benefits derived from coconut oil and thus compiled this eBook named ‘The Coconut Oil Secrets’. This eBook talks about how governments around the world brainwashed us by teaching lies about coconut oil and finally after mounds of research today Jake Carney asserts that coconut oil is rather one of the superfoods meant to be regularly consumed to acquire many health benefits from it. Coconut oil as Carney asserts is capable of neutralising the harmful effects of many parasites, infections and viruses thereby fighting off many diseases. It also helps boost metabolism rate in the body. Jake Carney scientifically proves in this book that the coconut oil can be effective for controlling body weight as well.

The Coconut Oil Secrets eBook also guides about how to use the coconut oil to derive various advantages from it. The book states the dosage as well of the coconut oil to be used daily and also talks about the ways how one may use it e.g. in cooking, eating or massage, etc. Also, the eBook lists the unhealthy oils we are using these days commonly like safflower oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil and soybean oils. The benefits one may achieve by the proper use of coconut oil includes,

Coconut Secret Oil

  1. Fights diseases by fighting off viruses, bacteria and yeast
  2. Promotes colon health
  3. Burns fat quickly in the body by increasing metabolic rate
  4. Gives a fuller feeling in stomach for longer thus reducing weight
  5. Reduces BMI- Body Mass Index
  6. Eradicate thyroid deficiencies
  7. Boost energy levels in the body
  8. Important for skin health
  9. Moisturize skin and fights off bacteria causing dermatitis
  10. Prevention against acne
  11. Exfoliates skin
  12. Prevents against brain killing plaque, Alzheimer’s
  13. Imperative for brain health
  14. Fight off cancer by starving cancer cells
  15. Detoxification agent for the body
  16. Reduces blood clots
  17. Save from many other minor and major heart diseases
  18. Encourage healthy bacteria in the body and rules out the unhealthy ones

Although one can use coconut oil in regular doses suggested in the book, but one must be aware that not all coconut oils available in the market today are the healthier ones. There are many refined and processed oils available today. As the processing and refinement process kills the healthy elements of the oils thus the less processed the oil is the real benefits it can provide you.This eBook talk of the types and forms of Coconut oil that shouldbe consumed in particular cases


The ‘Coconut Oil Secret’ is easily available online at discounted price. It is available at 75% and for $39 only. However for the Alternative daily readers, it is available at only $10. This is an amazing offer that must not be missed.


Money Back Guarantee

The entire package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. The guarantee of refund is 100% that is in case you do not find the results satisfactory you can claim the guarantee at the full refund of the price you paid for the eBook. This minimizes your risk of wasting your money.


  • It is a multiple solution packages
  • Discounted price
  • Money back guarantee
  • Natural approach towards improving your health
  • Based on a lot of research and scientific reasons and explanations to the assertions made by the writer
  • Contains intensive information about diseases and problems coconut oil can help to cure
  • Contains proper usage and dosage information and recipes and cures by the coconut oil
  • It is a cost effective book
  • Easy to understand and simple to read
  • Easily available online


  • Online availability only so people with no internet access may have problems buying it.
  • Not all coconut oils are same as the book assert so finding the proper coconut oil for use might be a task for some. This decreases the practicable approach of the book
  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • Slower results are observed
  • Cannot rely solely on the information in the book in case of medical history or medical emergencies
  • The eBook is informative, but the utility of information may vary for everyone

The Coconot Oil


The Coconut Oil Secrets is not a scam as the information provided by the book is backed by intensive research and scientific theories. However not everybody may observe similar results. The book is helpful in theory, but one has to see for himself if the secrets shared in the book are helpful for their body or not.

The Coconut Oil Secrets

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