8 Ways To Save Money When Buying Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

There is no need to tell that engagement ring come costly especially when it is diamond. The average cost of a diamond engagement ring can range from $6,000 and upwards but you must be strategic enough to make the most out of the budget you have allotted for the ring. The chocolate diamond engagement rings can be a good choice if you are within limited budgets. Here are some tips on how to buy the ring with most of your preferences incorporated.

  1. Be Calculative With The Setting

If budget restraints do not allow you to go for a bigger stone that you have in mind, you don’t need to bother about it. a halo setting will take care of that as it will create the illusion of being bigger. In this setting, you can have small stones surrounding the middle stone creating the impression of being big. This setting not only makes it look bigger but also adds classic style to the ring.

  1. Choose Prong Setting

Having minimal metal in the ring composition will cost you less, so pick a prong setting which is minimal instead of the bezel setting. In a prong setting more stone will be visible to the eyes and importantly highlight the diamonds quality. This would also make it easier for you to clean the ring, but it is wise to choose the prong material with platinum. The metal is stronger will hold the stone better and keep it firmly in place.

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  1. Buy Shy

You might be aware that the quality of a diamond is based on the 4Cs namely cut, clarity, carat, and color. By opting for the shy diamonds, you can save quite a chunk of money without sacrificing the looks. Diamond prices can dramatically escalate out of proportions when it nears the carat and half mark, but by buying just shy, for example, 1.8C in place of 2C, the cost can be reduced to the tune of 20%. Besides the saving, nobody will notice the difference in weight as it won’t appear that small.

  1. Mull Over Pavé Diamonds

You can choose to pave diamonds because they can fake the looks of a high-cost stone with their crushed ice appearance. This ring would be less expensive but make sure that you buy a center stone which is smaller and cheaper. The center stone can be lined up with a band of pave diamonds, and the sparkle will be as it is emanating from a big diamond.

  1. Locate The Sweet Spot

Like it is with the diamond carat weight, clarity and color have the same effect on the price when their grades improve. The difference between perfect and near perfect can’t be detected by the naked eye though. The difference will not be highlighted even if you pay an exorbitant amount for the perfect diamond. a near colorless diamond will suit the purpose and it will appear perfect to the onlooker’s eyes besides saving you a lot of money.

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  1. Choose Gold Over Of Platinum

When you talk about platinum the metal has several pros. It is natural, won’t fade, durable and the white metal will greatly suit your active lifestyle. It has great silky polish and gives off a gorgeous shine that is unmatched. But it comes at a price, which may not suit your budget. Value of platinum can go 30 times more over the yellow metal. White gold could be a great choice to get the platinum looks. It is corrosion, rust and tarnish proof, looks prettier and will be easy on your purse.

  1. An Emerald Cut Will Make It Look Bigger

Diamond facets reflect the light and make them sparkle, so opt for an emerald cut which has fewer surfaces to reflect light. It won’t be that shiny, but its shape will cover more surface than other cuts that have the same carat weight. This would mean that it will look bigger. Since it is timeless fashion, your ring will never go out of vogue.

  1. Buy A Set

Buying a set consisting of the diamond engagement ring and wedding band will save you the cost. you and your finance can work out a deal after thorough research and end up saving a chunk of your wedding budget.