Blood Pressure Protocol Review – Scam by David Riley?

Overview of the Blood Pressure Protocol Program

blood pressure protocol

The Blood Pressure Protocol is a written text designed for anyone struggling with blood pressure issues. Written by a doctor and previous blood pressure patient, the book hopes to teach typical people about the dangers of blood pressure problems, and to help those with blood pressure conditions live a better life. Since the program appears to work on a seventeen day schedule with a sixty day guarantee, you will certainly see if the program is working before the amount of time goes by that you can choose to receive a refund. With these facts along with additional bonus content, the books look like a good choice for anyone reducing their risk of blood pressure complications.

About the Authors

This book has been written by Dr. Channing and David Riley. Riley is a man in of about fifty who is suddenly faced with years of managing his blood pressure through medication. Channing is a doctor who has been working with similar patients and living in an area of the world in which no one has issues with blood pressure because of the food and vitamins they take in. Together, the two men wrote the blood pressure protocol in order to bring Channing’s information to others like David and change their lives.

What’s in it for readers?

•    Learn how to prevent or reduce complications due to blood pressure.

•    Learn what foods and vitamins can help manage blood pressure.

•    Receive recipes to get you started minimizing blood pressure risk.

•    Watch a set of coinciding videos.

•    Get all of this for one low price, much less than any medication or doctor’s treatment.

•    Receive a sixty day one hundred percent money back guarantee for your ensured satisfaction.


You will receive some bonuses when you buy Channing and Riley’s Blood Pressure Protocol. One of these is a separate ebook with fifty healthy recipes to help you on your way to a life free of blood pressure issues. The second bonus that comes with the book is a series of videos which you can watch that relate to the topics discussed within the original ebook.

Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Channing and David Riley provide a money back guarantee with their Blood Pressure Protocol product. This guarantee lasts for a total of sixty days and assures you one hundred percent of your money back. Since the program itself is ideally only seventeen days, you can easily try it and see if it works within that sixty day grace period. If it doesn’t and sixty days haven’t passed, you may request a refund.

Pros of Blood Pressure Protocol Program

•    Access the book right away via easy digital download. Receive this information without leaving your home or going to a specific location.

•    Get the product for a fraction of the cost you would normally be charged for traditional blood pressure treatment.

•    Also receive bonuses and a sixty day money back guarantee.

Cons of Blood Pressure Protocol Program

•    You will not see change immediately with this product.

•    You must be dedicated to motivating yourself in order to make the needed changes.

•    The product can only be downloaded, there are no printed copies available.

•    The information does not replace treatment from a doctor in any way.

Our Verdict – Is Blood Pressure Protocol Scam?

It is our belief that the Blood Pressure Protocol does not seem to be a scam. The Blood Pressure Protocol was written by Dr. Channing and his patient, 55 year old David Riley who had been dealing with the struggles of blood pressure management for over twelve years. After Channing lived in a remote region of the world, he returned with the knowledge of a tribe of people who never had blood pressure complications due to the way they lived and ate. By applying the same kind of regiment to David’s life, there were noticeable positive changes. The pair later went on to write out Channing’s program in book form, which became The Blood Pressure Protocol.

Now, this book is recommended for anyone. Since blood pressure difficulties can happen to anyone, all sorts of people could benefit, even if you don’t think you need the information now. The book covers a wide range of topics including foods you should or should not eat, and other natural means of managing high or low blood pressure without expensive medication that often has unsettling side effects. Along with this information, buyers of this guide also receive an additional ebook full of healthy recipes, and a video course to correspond with the book itself. Lastly, you will receive the one hundred percent money back guarantee for sixty days upon purchase of this electronic book.

The program is designed to be completable in seventeen days. Of course, you can read and follow at your own pace, so you don’t have to feel obligated to finish in the specified seventeen days. With that said however, it’s important to keep in mind that each person will have their own results with this book. Regardless of if you complete the program in seventeen days or thirty, the amount of change is up to your own personal drive. No one is around to coach you and advice, so it’s all on you to make this program truly work for you, your needs and your lifestyle.

If you are motivated to change, or think you may just want the information for your own gain, this book could certainly be useful for you. Packed with pages of informative text and two extra bonuses, you will learn something from this writing even if you decide not to directly apply it to your life. While this does not take the place of doctors, medication or other treatment, it may be worth looking into as an alternative, safer, side effect free way of taking care of blood pressure related conditions from potential to very severe. The bottom line is, if you’re interested in what this book holds within its pages, you will certainly be getting your money’s worth from this product and hopefully improve your well-being for the better in the long run.

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