Is Fat Shrinking Signal Right for You?

Before coming to a conclusion on whether or not fat shrinking signal program is a good product we have to first understand the program in details. So, what is fat shrinking program? Well, to begin with fat shrinking signal by Derek Wahler is an e-book which is available at The book contains information regarding a series of workout videos which claim to solve problems regarding a “hidden defect with hormones” which makes it impossible to lose weight. Now let us go through our fat shrinking signal review.

Fat shrinking signal, as mentioned above is an e-book that is targeted towards ladies who want to get rid of some of their weight. As claimed by the book, identifying your hormonal defect is the key to weight loss. This is likely to provide the fat shrinking signal that you have been waiting for. The author also claims that this is the secret of many celebrities for looking good before any party or event.

So, what is this hormone that we are talking about?

As you might have already guessed, the hormone in consideration is leptin. In recent years there has been a lot of research on the potential implications that leptin has on weight loss. More or less a genetic defect, mutation in the gene coding for leptin can certainly deter your chances of losing weight. Leptin has gained significant interest in the past few years and it continues to be an important topic of research for various other reasons which may not be a part of discussion here.

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About Darek Wahler — The Author:

As mentioned above, this e-book is created by Derek Wahler who claims that slimming is not something that is too hard to achieve. He likes to call himself “weight loss whisperer” and tends to take this quite seriously. He also shouts with pride that over the years he has been able to help many people get out of the distress of being obese.

What is in there for the readers?

Fat shrinking signal is heavily dependent on leptin. Leptin has the power to have a significant impact on weight loss because it tells you when you are full. The body naturally produces leptin to inform that the foo requirements have been fulfilled and there is no necessity of gulping further. When a person is on diet then leptin levels decline. This is because the person in question naturally eats less and therefor is never really full.

The irony to this is that the brain thinks that we are starving when it cannot detect any lectin. What it does next as a safety mechanism is stores fat from anything we eat. This in turn results in increase amount of body fat.

So, we have the answer. Even if you are a person extremely conscious of your weight and eat less to suffice from some extra fat tyres, you may still not turn slim because your brain does not like to see you thin.

The fat shrinking signal e-book is based on Derek Wahler fitness reviews and gives a whole new feel to maintaining diet. It begins with teaching simple 10 minute fitness hacks that can be performed at home without any professional equipment.  The 29 day flat stomach formula review is worth doing and surprisingly when we started talking to customers about the product, most of them reported that it was actually working for them.

Performing the routine exercises mentioned in the e-book can help in activating the lectin hormones. The author advices the users to perform the routine at least 4 times a week to get rid of all the stuck fat and reveal the lean muscles within. Diet and exercise techniques advised in the Fat Shrinking Signal include the following:

  • Losing ten pounds in about two weeks.
  • The sixty second trick to remove belly fat.
  • Cardio sequence like the one used by Jennifer Lopez which can be done by almost anyone. The best part about this sequence is that it can be easily performed within 3 feet of space.
  • Metabolic activation trick designed to activate the slimming signal that allows to melt away all your fat.
  • Beyonce’s leg and booty exercise that is used by her on a regular basis.
  • Turning off the hormone defect that we described earlier so as to allow your exercises to be of some use. This is one of the most important aspects of this book as the book is being marketed by using this as a selling point.
  • The fat shrinking signal workout especially designed to meet your slimming needs ensured that 29 days is all you require to get the perfect toned look.


  • 21 videos that are likely to keep you exercising for quite some time.
  • Additional videos on benefits of exercising and other motivational stuff.


  • Most people tend to develop leptin resistance, this means that it becomes extremely difficult to revert the signal. Fat shrinking signal is aimed at people who believe that they are leptin resistant.
  • To add to this fat shrinking signal claims to reduce or melt away at least seven pounds in as many days. You do not need to strain yourself with excessive exercise or starve yourself to achieve the same.
  • No special equipment is required and all the regimes can be completed at home.


  • Most people think that no special effort is required on their part. This is untrue and as good as it may sound fat shrinking signal requires a great deal of will power.
  • The program requires you to exercise from different angles and intensities which can be difficult for some people.

Money back guarantee:

The book comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. So, if you feel that buying the book was a waste of money then just get your money refunded.

Fat shrinking signal scam:

Based on the current evidence Fat Shrinking Signal cannot be called a scam. This is because there is scientific research that proves most of the points mentioned in the book. The instructions given are not over the top and can be practiced with some amount of discipline. It is certainly possible that some hormones control weight loss as evident in the scientific research articles. Also, the exercises recommended have been efficient in reducing belly fat for many of its customers. If you are honest with yourself and have the right kind of mind set to follow such routines with discipline on a regular basis then Fat shrinking signal is worth a try.